Get the most out of music lessons

Here are some practical tips that will help you and your child have a successful, rewarding experience with music lessons.

Set weekly goals

The teachers at Williamsburg Music Studio set weekly goals for their students.  Help your child separate these goals into a number of smaller accomplishments throughout the week.  In order to get the most out of music lessons, progress should be measured by improvement instead of the number of minutes spent practicing.

Purchase/rent a quality instrument

Finding an instrument in good playing condition and properly sized is essential to your child’s progress.  If you need advice on where to purchase instruments, music stands, etc., just ask us!

Most importantly, have fun!

At Williamsburg Music Studio, we strive to foster a love of our art.  Exploring the world of music can be a lifelong adventure, so enjoy the journey!

Make your instrument and music easily accessible.

If your child’s instrument and music books are kept in the back of the coat closet, chances are there is not much practice happening between lessons.  In NYC space is at a premium, so you may have to get creative to make everything accessible.  For example, guitarists often hang their instruments on the wall.  This is a convenient solution and also a hip way to decorate the apartment.

Take part in the learning process.

At the end of every lesson, the teacher will give you an update on progress made and assignments for that week.  Feel free to ask questions.   Even if you have never taken lessons, we encourage you to be involved in your child’s musical education.  Make it a learning process for the both of you!